Train the Trainer

The  Training and Development Certificate Course( Train the Trainer )  is for individuals with “Content Mastery” in various occupational areas and who are currently or aspirant training facilitators, coordinators, community educators, supervisors and/or administrators. Such individuals typically perform a direct or supportive role in training adult learners on a short-term or continuing professional development basis, to improve specific competencies.  Importantly, the course is grounded in the belief that those who design and/or facilitate training interventions for adults in the workplace, community (or other settings) must effectively perform many tasks to ensure success. Accordingly, the proposed course will engage participants in a series of activities geared towards increasing understanding of the steps, strategies, and theoretical underpinnings essential to both the planning and delivery aspects of training interventions. The focus will primarily be on those competencies that should underpin successful practice.   


Training Intervention Objectives                     


As a result of participating in this course, participants should be better able to

  • outline key steps in the training session planning process;
  • appreciate suggested best-practice strategies for effective training delivery;
  • gain familiarity with key theoretical concepts consistent with adult learning theory (andragogy);
  • facilitate training interventions in accordance with best-practice guidelines; and
  • appreciate the range of activities and interventions that support effective transfer of learning.