Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Training

The Education and Training Diploma programme is designed to prepare competent, professional teachers/trainers for the education and training systems as well as for industry.  This training has become important in light of various developments in industry and in the education system such as:

  • The growing demand in industry for competent trainers to assist in the development of employees in various industries.
  • The push by the MOEC towards having only trained, qualified teachers at all levels of the education system.
  • The trend towards Jamaica becoming an important producer of trained, competent and professional teachers and trainers to fill vacancies locally and internationally.

Entry Requirements

  • First Degree from a recognized institution
  • Successful Interview


Programme Duration

18 months (full time & part-time)


Programme Modality

The programme is offered both on a full time and a part time basis on the main campus of the VTDI, which is located at Gordon Town Road, Kingston 6 and at the Mandeville Campus (Manchester Road, Manchester).  It is offered on a part-time basis in Montego Bay on the grounds of the Montego Bay Community College.


Programme Schedule

Days offered:   


Total Number of Credits 



Programme Structure – Full Time

  Year 1 Year 2
 Semester 1 Perspectives in Education
Psychology of Teaching and Learning
Principles of Teaching and Learning 1
Theoretical Aspects of Training and Learning
Research Methods 
Educational Administration
Teaching Practice 2/Training  (4 weeks – September  - December)
 Semester  2 Foundations of Curriculum Development
Classroom Assessment
Facilitating Online Courses
Instructional Development and Design
Principles of Teaching and Learning 2 (Science, Business and Information Technology)
Teaching Practice 1 (4 weeks – January – April)
Summer Semester
Delivering and Facilitating Training
Issues, Reading and Research in Specialized Areas
Creating and Sustaining Entrepreneurial Ventures
Introduction to Counselling


Additional Information


Practicum is divided into the following periods:


Full time

Teaching Practice 1January - April4 weeks

Teaching Practice 2September – December4 weeks



Teaching Practice 1September to December4 weeks

Teaching Practice 2/Training January to May4 weeks