Diploma in Construction Site Management

While construction has traditionally been a very conservative industry, the increasing rate of technological development and growing international competition in the industry are serving to accelerate the development of new construction methods, equipment, materials and management techniques. This Programme seeks to answer to the growing need for innovative and professionally competent construction professionals.  


Entry Requirements:

  • NVQ-J LEVEL 2 in construction skill area and CXC/CSEC Mathematics and English Language OR  Four (4) CXC (General or Technical Proficiency level) grades, 1 or 2, and grade 3 (as of 1998) or GCE “O” Level (Grades A, B or C) or equivalent (inc. of Mathematics and English Language.
  • A minimum of 2 yrs work experience, preferably in the construction area.


Note: Successful applicants having a grade two (2) or three (3) in CXC/CSEC Math are required to sit college Algebra, while those having a grade one (1) will proceed to Pre-Calculus in semester one of the academic year.

Applicants entering the institution with a grade two (2) or (3) in CXC/CSEC English A are required to sit the English Language Proficiency Test and will placed in either College English 1, College English II or Fundamentals of Communication based on grades received in the test.


Programme Duration

  • Two years (part-time)


Programme Modality
The programme is offered on a part time basis on the main campus of the VTDI which is located at Gordon Town Road, Kingston 6.


Programme Schedule 
Days offered:  Monday - Friday 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm (3 evenings) and 
Saturdays 9:00 – 4:00 pm


Total Number of Credits


Programme Structure 


   Year 1  Year 2
 Semester 1 Information Technology
Fundamentals of Communication 
Built Environment Economics
Construction Health, Safety and the Environment
Building Services Technology
Construction Methods and Practice 2
Construction/Project Planning Techniques
Computer Aided Drafting 1
 Semester  2 Business Communication 
Construction Project Management and Contract Procedures
Construction Management Theories and Practices
Inventory Management
Human Resources and Manpower Management
Methods of Measurement  and Estimating Fundamentals  1
Site Surveying
Summer Semester  Construction  Methods and Practice 1
Project Risk Analysis and Risk Management 
Total Quality Management 
Methods of Measurement and Estimating Fundamentals 2
Principles of Property Valuation
Introduction to Production Process Improvement
National Building Code and Building Regulation 



Graduation Requirements


To satisfy the requirements for graduation, students must:-

  • Successfully complete all required courses
  • Pay all outstanding fees


Additional Tips for Success at VTDI

  • Attend classes regularly
  • Attend classes on time
  • Be organized
  • Submit all assignments ON TIME
  • Study regularly
  • Prioritize and manage time well
  • Know programme requirements and complete pre-requisites
  • Talk to lecturer/programme coordinator about difficulties