Welcome to the VTDI


Discover a whole new way you can treat yourself to high quality education and training! The VTDI is the institution you can trust to provide education and training programmes designed especially with you in mind. Quality assured, standards-driven, highly trained faculty, user-friendly curricula and course outlines, individual consultations and support, are all neatly wrapped in a competency based, student centred environment.

The VTDI is located in the lush, quiet surroundings on the Gordon Town Road, Kingston 6, nestled in the valley below Jacks Hill and providing a picturesque view of the bustling, beautiful landscape of the country’s capital city of Kingston. It is just right for persons wanting high quality higher education and a place of study away from the hustle and bustle of city life, but near enough to shopping facilities that will serve their need for basic supplies.  The University Hospital is just minutes away and can serve your medical needs in any emergency. Papine, one of the city’s chief commuter access points, is just 10 minutes walking distance from the college, (5 minutes by taxi or bus) and you have easy access to transport at the end of your day or class sessions to your home anywhere in and outside of Kingston.