The Students' Union

The Students’ Union executive body is made up of the following officers:

·         President  - Melycia Emanuel

·         Vice-President – Loretta Roberts

·         Treasurer– Dervil Bailey

·         Assistant Treasurer/Secretary - Dayten Monteque

·         Public Relations Officer– Alanzo Lowe

·         Assistant Public Relations Officer- Rohan Lewis

·         Secretary– Sianna Moodie

·         Sports Coordinator – Starette Cameroan

·         Assistant Sports Coordinator– Gareth Edwards

·         Entertainment Coordinator – Donnette Mason

·         Ast. Entert. Coordinator – David Chambers

·         Mandeville Representative – Archibald Carrington

·         Montego Bay Representative -

The Student Union represents students’ interests on campus, coordinates sporting activities and serves as an important link between the institution’s administration, faculty and students.  All students are voting members of the Union and are eligible to take advantage of the opportunities it provides.  A detailed description of the Union appears in its constitution.  Copies of this document are available in the library and the Student Affairs Unit.

The Union obtains funds from the payment of administrative fees ($500) by all students who are admitted to the institution.  Fund-raising events are also held throughout the year. All activities however, MUST be approved by the Director/Principal. Students should submit their concerns and suggestions in writing to the Student Union Office or to any executive member and a response will be forwarded at the earliest possible time.


In addition to dealing with students’ complaints or suggestions, the Student Union plays an integral role in maintaining positive energy on campus.  The Union, under the guidance of the Student Affairs Officer, is responsible for student publications and the direct running of clubs and sporting activities.

Meetings are held

·         Executive Meeting - every 1st Thursday

·         Council Meeting - Fortnightly (3rd  Thursdays)

·         General Forum  - Once per semester


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