The VTDI students participate in the Annual Intercollegiate Sports Competitions between October and April each year.  This allows them to travel to other tertiary institutions and interact with other students.  The VTDI also participates as a department in the University of Technology’s Annual Inter-department competition which usually runs from September to October and January to April each year.  In addition, the Institute has an Annual Sports Day which is held the day before Ash Wednesday each year.   Students are encouraged to participate in the Annual Sports Day and Social which usually highlights students’ athletic performance.  Other highlights include staff vs. students in Football, Volleyball, Netball and Domino competitions. No classes are held on that day and staff members also participate in the day’s activities. 

Interdepartmental competition - September – October

Intercollegiate competition - October - December

Sports day - February (day before Ash Wednesday)

Activities offered: Volleyball, Football, Netball and Cricket

Extra Curricula activities - Thursdays – 1:00 .p.m.  – 4:00 p.m.


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